Tuesday, October 19, 2010

p/s I Love You...

Every day I see you in my way
Your smile makes me smile
That smile brighten my day
Just wondering about it, I smile

Watching you with your beautiful outfit
Arranging your steps down the road
Your body covered by that fitting outfit
Makes me wondering with this load

Hair covered, check!
Neck covered, check!
Chest covered, check!
 Body covered, check!

Fitting outfit, check!
Covering aurah, uncheck!

Sister, p/s I love you
Deep to my heart
I want ALLAH to love you
Deep inside your heart

So please, love yourself
For others to love you
Make others see your ownself
Rather than the other you

Give some invisible space to your body
For it to breath freely
Makes no people see your body
So you can walk freely

As free as the birds
Without any eyes watching
Safe like the bird
Without any whistling

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